News 1999

After they released our song "Queenbee" on their ZilloScope-compilation last month, the bigest German magazine for dark alternative music, "Zillo", publishes a very positive article about us in the current edition.

Site-news: We have three more songs on our audio-site and some more lyrics.

On our audio-site we provide two complete songs for free download.

You wanted them - here they are: the lyrics! O.K. - just some of them, but there will be more in the near future...

Our song "Queenbee" will be published on the next edition of the ZilloScope-compilation! That CD comes with the most popular German underground music-magazine "Zillo".

We will perform live on the 29th of December at Flohcircus, Hannover.

This week we reached the Top 10 in the charts of Billboard TalentNet. If you want to support us, please sign in and vote for us!

There is a quite good review about our CD "Nachtmeer" in this months edition of the hanoverean magazine "Schaedelspalter". You find a translation on our reviews-site.

In the German music-magazine Bodystyler you'll find an interview with us. We gave some serious answers to serious questions!  ;-)

Please leave a comment in our new guestbook. We need a sign of your existence in this cold dark cyberspace. How easily you could fall through our blue web and never be seen again!!!

Last Friday we had a 45-min-special on the radio-show "Zeitgeist" at Radio Flora in Hannover. It was a great success for us and we congratulate the 5 winners of the raffle on their new CD "Nachtmeer"!

INSCAPE in the radio show "Zeitgeist" on Radio Flora:
On the 2nd of July an INSCAPE-Special will be broadcasted by the local radio station "Radio Flora".
Homepage of "Zeitgeist" (just in German!)

Because my hard disk crashed it seems that I lost all my email-addresses and correspondence of the past 6 months. So if you wonder why I didn't reply to an email please write me again! I promise to keep safety copies more often in the future...

All bands performed well at the "Tribute-To-Grenzwellen-Festival" in Bielefeld. About 1/5 of the audience bought the "Listen: Grenzwellen"-compilation and we also sold the first "Nachtmeer"-CDs. There are already some concert pics in the web! You can find them on the official Tribute-To-Grenzwellen homepage.

Our CD "Nachtmeer" (Nightsea) is ready to order!

The compilation contains eight songs from our latest demos and another three brand new tracks. All songs are professionally premastered and the CD is produced with all industrial standards to achieve a high sound quality.
You can order the CD for 15 $ at the address below.

Frithjof Dau
Gartenstraße 132
60596 Frankfurt am Main

On wednesday, the 21st we play at the Tribute-To-Grenzwellen-Festival in the PC 69 in Bielefeld, Germany. The following acts will perform live:


The festival is the release party for the "tribute to Grenzwellen"- compilation with unsigned musicians who were influenced by the alternative radio-show "Grenzwellen" of editor and DJ Ecki Stieg.

Time to party: We're in the web for one year now! A good time to introduce version 2.0 of our homepage.

Because of the requests for our demo from all over the world (thank you all!), we plan to offer a CD with eleven tracks in April. This time it isn't just another demo, but a CD we record just for you! It will contain eight songs from our latest demos and another three brand new tracks.
We still haven't got a record-deal, but good reviews in music-magazines and many requests for our demo "Schwarzes Tier". It seems to be just a question of time...