News 2000

Our concert at the One-World-Festival was a great success. It was definitely our best live-performance so far and we inspired the crowd! There are some new pictures in the gallery...

INSCAPE will perform live at the One-World-Festival in Hanover on August, the 23rd. It's open air and we work on a special show for this event! For further information feel free to write me.

We work on a video for our song "Lebenslauf" (course of life) and hope to finish it in late august.

This weekend we'll move into our new band-room. Now we have the possibility to improve our live-performance under good conditions and there's enough room to install a recording studio as well - and maybe to party from time to time... In three words: We love it!!!  :-)

INSCAPE LIVE in the web:

On Thursday, the 13th of april, 20:45 and 23:45 o'clock CET a concert we performed in Hannover last month will be transmitted into the web via RealAudio. Just follow the link above to watch!

We'll perform live at the club "Nachtleben" in Frankfurt on the 5th of march. You can place ticket-orders with email to Fritte. Tickets cost 10 DM each.

Thanks to all of you, who ordered our CD "Nachtmeer" in the past months! We hope you enjoy our music and will keep in touch with us.

With "Sinking" we reached position 2 in the pop-charts of! Our other tracks you can find around position 40 since weeks - not bad! If you want to support us, please download the songs from our audio-site or from our

We had some very good reviews in various German music-magazines. I will translate some of them in the next weeks.