News 1998

Currently we're sending demos to record labels again. Our current demo is entitled "Schwarzes Tier" (Black Beast) and contains the songs presented on the audio site. Until further notice the demo is just available as a tape.
The works which will be put on the Grenzwellen-Mailingslist sampler are finished. Now we're on the hunt for a record label to release the CD. There is a homepage of the project that is hosted by Tilo Kley. For any further information about this project, please click here (just in German!).

There is another review of our "Second Wave Demo"-CD in the music magazine "Bodystyler" No. 6/98:

"INSCAPE are a trio from Hanover, who have devoted themselves to electric pop music. Because there are many other bands doing the same thing, you have to ask the question: Are they something special?
The answer: Not necessarily. They have more than one track on which they drive and that is good. But sometimes the songs are too linear and they pound. The music has a dark touch - they don't promote happiness; but then again, that's not their aim. They work on the songs as a whole, which positively influences the direction of the melodies and the singing. The singer has a well-intonated voice that sometimes pleasantly reminds me of DEINE LAKAIEN."

Der liebe Lars in Bodystyler No. 6/98, page 56

The CD is rated by the reviewer with a smiley - that means we got 4 out of 5 points!

Our concert in Magdeburg was fun! We performed well and the audience seemed impressed. Thanx to all the people at [ju: N ai]!
Check out the two fresh concert pics on the photo-site!

In the October/November-edition of the music magazine "Sonic Seducer" you'll find a review of our "Second Wave Demo"-CD:

"The trio INSCAPE, formed in 1995, present their second demo effort with this mini-CD. Refreshingly un-annoying synthie-pop with a good touch of the eighties' Wave makes Inscape more attractive to me than other current bands in this area. I'm not so comfortable with Klaus Schkalee's singing in some parts. But I have the same problem with bands like DEINE LAKAIEN and nobody should be scared away because of that."

Sascha Bertoncin in Sonic Seducer 5/98, page 123

On October the 31st we will play at the festival of the Uni-Radio Magdeburg. We're really looking forward to it and  we've already begun rehearsing. We would be glad to see you at the concert!
For further information please click here.

We just finished the recordings for our new demo tape. The new songs are all in German, because we wanted to capture our creativity within the bounds of our native tongue this time. One of the new songs, "Nachtmeer", ("Night Sea") will be released soon on a sampler that is currently being produced by the Grenzwellen-Mailing List.

There are samples of three new songs on the "Audio"-site. Now all samples are stored as mp3-files. This reduces the download-time and improves the quality of the sounds.

The college-radio of Magdeburg aired an interview with INSCAPE. You can download the interview from the homepage of the radio station. You'll also find a text version and some photos there. The interview was conducted  by Frank (Lexi) Lange.
We want to thank all the people at Uni-Radio Magdeburg for their excellent work!

In the past few days we've sent some CDs to record labels. Now we sit and wait, hoping for an answer. Meanwhile the work on new songs goes on. Frithjof and I are working on various ideas and Klaus is waiting for something new to sing.
On the Photos page you´ll find an old picture of us, taken in the summer of 1995: Our first gig!

We finally finished the work on the booklet of our Demo-CD after we had many unexpected problems printing it correctly.

The first two photos are in the web and there are more to come...

At the moment we´re working on two new songs. Klaus disappeared for a while in misty lands to work on his singing. Frithjof scans around the clock, so I hope I´ll be able to publish the pics at the end of the week.

We went through the city of Hannover and shot some photos of the band. The locations were Raschplatz, Trammplatz, and the central subway station. Next month we will publish some of the pics and some older stuff on the "Photos"-Site.