The holiday season has just begun and we have a gift for you! You can listen to our complete back-catalogue at our profile at Last.fm for free:

Deleted Link!

The latest news are, that we the band is in contact again and we are in discussion about to release some new songs!! We definitely will re-release the self-distributed album "Nachtmeer" from 1999 next year!

I would like to invite you to join our friends at our new MySpace-profile to stay in contact:

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It should replace our old guestbook, which is no longer maintained.

Bad news for all of you, who wait for a new album: It's not possible for us to work on new songs until further notice, because all of us moved in the meantime and it will be very difficult to meet each other in near future. Thanks to all of you, who gave us so much support - I really hope, that we'll be back someday!!

Dr. (Fritte) Dau moved to Australia to do some research about mathematics and teach classes. Klaus is still in Hannover, but doesn't make any music at the moment, as far as I know. I moved to Berlin last year to study audio-engineering.

I'm quite busy with learning and with music production, but not for Inscape unfortunately. This month I have done some drum- und guitar-recordings. Next I will do a remix for the wave-pop band SLENDER FLAME and last but not least I have two tracks for my solo project ODRADEK waiting to be finished. I plan to release the album ZEICHENSETZUNG at the end of the year.

Some time ago I closed our Yahoo Group, due to problems with spam. To keep in touch please join MYSPACE ODRADEK. I would be very glad to welcome some Inscapers there! :-)

Best Regards